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We are award winning, experienced producers creating high impact solutions for broadcast, the web and social media.

From marketing to complex healthcare issues; whether the need is education, training or motivation we achieve the highest in creative expression combined with a thorough understanding of the communications goals of our client.

We keep it tight, we keep it focused, and we produce great work.

Today, video leads all other tools for selling, educating, engaging and building trust with your audience. From creative to copywriting to finished production, we are leaders in producing video that delivers results for global healthcare companies. And while video is the centerpiece of our digital tool set, it is complimented by a number of related areas of expertise including doctor and patient app development, animation and live events.

MedArts Media* is a multilingual agency working for Canada and the U.S.’ pharmaceutical and biotech industries, their ad agencies, teaching hospitals and healthcare associations. MedArts Media* has produced hundreds of successful programs in virtually every therapeutic area. Included in that are patient-centered programs about Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, asthma, cancer, chronic pain, COPD, dementia, depression, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, fertility, heart disease, medical cannabis, nutrition, schizophrenia, smoking cessation, stroke prevention, substance abuse and more.

Cameron McCleery – Principal, Shiloh MediaGroup Inc.

With more than thirty years of communications experience, Cameron has dedicated the last 25 years exclusively to supporting the healthcare industry with internationally award-winning communications. Whether the need is education, motivation or marketing, video, publishing or symposia, Cameron contributes an eye for the best creative expression combined with a thorough understanding of the goals of his client. With broad experience in literally every therapeutic area, and in addition to his work with hospitals and teaching institutions, Cameron has produced supporting media for every major pharmaceutical company in Canada.

Cameron McCleery

Executive Producer,
MedArts Media

In collaboration with

Michael W. Young

Principal, biomedwoRx:
Life Sciences Consulting

MedArts Media has a deep understanding of the power of strategic global partnerships – including our strong and long-standing collaboration with one of North America’s leading life sciences consulting operations: biomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting.

Ideally situated in San Diego, biomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting is headed by Michael W. Young who brings over 25 years of successful collaboration with many of the largest and most unique brands in the pharmaceutical industry. Significant strategic and brand experience, a global network of medical and pharmaceutical thought leaders, and the know-how to build strategic partnerships that synergize pharma companies, biotechs, CRO, and academia are just a few of the capabilities that biomedwoRx: Life Sciences Consulting brings to the table.


Webcasting video – Streaming video – Explainer video – CME video – Patient video – Launch video –
Rep training video – MOA animation – Whiteboard animation – Conference video – Fundraiser video

MOA Animation

MedArts Media breathes life into animation. From original 3D and 2D MOA animation to whiteboard explainers, we communicate drug and device methodology that brings deep understanding to even the most difficult concepts. Our illustrators, biomedical communicators and animators know that our client’s message must be compelling, memorable and easy to understand.


We produced the largest pharmaceutical product launch in Canadian history. We’ve been behind the premiere healthcare marketing awards event in the world for 10 years running. When the College of Family Physicians wanted to fill Toronto’s Ricoh Centre with 6000 attendees, they called us.

From boardrooms to ballrooms to cruise ships, we produce amazing meetings.

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Our definition of publishing is nothing if not inclusive. Beyond our multiple award-winning national guidelines books, monthly magazines, online newsletters and corporate literature, we are leaders in the creation of multi-platform programs of which print continues to play a part.

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