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The “Field of Dreams” is a unique housing project developed by Elmira District Community Living. It is a 7 unit apartment complex that provides affordable supportive housing for Ontarians with an intellectual disability through the utilization of the novel “good friends and neighbours” concept. This complex is the first of 4 and builds on the already successful “Snowgoose” housing model in Elmira. MedArts Media was contracted to show potential funders what these unique homes mean to the residents and their families and just what is needed to make a home not just a dream but a reality for all the citizens in the Elmira District. “The Field of Dreams – If we build it will you fund?” is the program’s “call to action” title and the answer has been a very big “yes”! We are honoured to have played even a small role by producing this video since the response so far from donors is unparalleled. Individuals, families and corporations have truly stepped up.

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